- Advanced Coding -



“What You Hungry For?”


The advanced coding group in Urban Apps and Maps Studio’s Summer program works on developing Mobile applications with a primary focus on Android Development. This group is a mixture of returning high school students and some fresh faces. The group is led by mentors Harsh Patel and Nicholas Carmen, who are currently students at Temple University, with Dr. Karl Morris as a faculty advisor. This is a great opportunity for the youth as they get a head start in the coding world. Currently, the students are getting hand-ons experience with developing android applications in the Android Studio Tool.

Interns also have the opportunity to interact with delegates from their respective fields, who come over as guest speakers to share their experience and readily answer questions. The group recently had an opportunity to visit the Comcast Center to meet their android development team where they were given a small tour of the building. The group found it inspirational, interactive, informative and enlightening.

This summer the group is working on developing a small prototype that will help resolve a very simple but important issue, “What you Hungry for?”. Basically this app will help find places to eat based on your current location using geofence capabilities of the smart phones. The application would help people find food services based on user selections such as proximity, type of food, service time, payment method ..etc.

The Advance coding group is in great shape for the upcoming final presentation. Currently the group is working in three sub-teams to developing their specific module and later collaborate on it together. At the same time the interns are polishing their presentation skills also.