- Assessing Stakeholder Experience -




Continuing the lunch truck activity from yesterday, on Day 2 the youth focused on defining direct relationships between stakeholders of the food truck.


Youth Discussing How to Approach the Project with his Fellow Group Members

Youth were given sheets of paper with pictures of various “potential” stakeholders and were expected to develop fictional profiles for two of them. Dr. James Moustefellos instructed youth to provide information such as name, age, relation to the food truck and a quote describing each of the stakeholders.


Youth Writing Down Information to Display to the Rest of Her Group

Most of the youth investigated the relationships between the customer and the owner of the food truck. Through this exercise, they were able to define customer experience according to someone’s unique profile–an exercise commonly practiced in various company marketing strategies.


A Group’s Profile of a Customer



A Group’s Profile of a Food Truck Owner


Written By: Sienna Vance

Photos By: Sienna Vance