- Assessing the Food Truck Experience -





Design Challenge participants were expected to take their creative skills even further in the main exercise of the day–assessing the food truck experience. This exercise would progress into Day 2 of the challenge following completion of the fieldwork.

The food truck experience exercise was designed with intentions to help the youth understand important aspects of running a business–teaching them the real value of maintaining professionalism. Dr. James Moustefellos simply instructed the youth to go out and “buy lunch”. This was the easiest way for them to observe and assess the “lunch truck experience”, which would assist them later in another exercise.


Youth Observing the Menu of the Sexy Green Truck

Dr. Moustefellos instructed youth to ask questions, take pictures and video during their assessment in order to remember later what were the lunch truck’s various strengths and weaknesses. Many of the food truck employees were friendly and answered questions enthusiastically, engaging in eloquent conversation.

Students Ask Food Truck Worker How They Get Power for Sexy Green

The Girls Ask An Employee How They Get Power for the Sexy Green Truck


Youth Uses Smartphone to Record Questions

After the students completed the fieldwork, they would use their documentations to thoroughly define the business model of the lunch truck experience.


Written By: Sienna Vance

Photos By: Sienna Vance