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“Student Rights”


Our project entails creating a website designed for High School students that will give them the ability to express their concerns about their school system and recommend a change in its process. Our drive comes from the things we go through in high school and the specific changes we’ve wanted to make. We want parents, teachers, faculty and more importantly students to become aware of what is going on in our school system by being able to display their opinions on our website. We are four high school students that believe our website will be a good tool that could be used all around the world. We want to provide everyone with a choice and give them the ability for their voices to be heard when it comes to their education. In order to make this happen we all have been assigned a task that will help complete our project. Markeem Spivey , a group member of our project is responsible for the structuring of our website and the organizing of our data. He is learning HTML. Guozheng Nie is another member of our group responsible for the animation and behavior of our website and currently learning JavaScript. Mukhtar Stones is responsible for the color and designing of our project and he is learning CSS. Cianni is responsible for guiding her team through the right path so that we can have a successful project at the end of our program. The current status of our project is the learning process. In other words, we are still in the learning process of discovering different languages of coding in order to create our website. We will soon move on to making our blueprints and having a perfectly designed webpage.


“Helping the Homeless”


The idea of our website is to bring awareness to the issue of homelessness in Philadelphia. Our website hopes to accomplish that by providing vital information that could greatly benefit the homeless. Our website will include the locations of local shelters, and the links to their online resources. With these tools, a homeless person could see if they have any free spaces, their requirements, and refer a person in need to them. Also, a person could find out what types of donations a shelter is accepting and how to become a volunteer.
Maya, the team leader, sets a daily schedule for the group. She and Ziyonna are working on the format and content of the homepage, and even completed a map for the site. Michael is working on the food donations section of the website. Lethal is creating a slideshow that will go on the homepage, and Josiah is creating the clothes donations tab for the website. Josiah will also be doing the Java script for our project. Ziyonna is doing the CSS, and the rest of the team and Maya will be working on HTML. So far, the group has finished the HTML for the homepage and the food tab, and completed the map and slideshow.