- Coding -





These past three weeks we have been focusing on learning HTML, CSS and PHP by using Codecademy. With the help of our mentors and practice on Codecademy we have expanded upon our knowledge of coding. Throughout these few weeks we have also learned about the value of teamwork. We learned the value of teamwork by evenly distributing work between our team members in order to complete the tasks at hand.

Little Student, Big Student– (Website)

The main idea of our final project is to assist students through their academic and domestic obstacles through the help of a mentor. With our website students and mentors can pair up in hopes of gaining donations to fund their projects. Our website allows an easy to navigate experience in hopes of bringing reliable content and tools in the hands of our users.

Stay Clean, Go Green(Website)

The main idea of our final project is the city’s pollution issue. In the Philadelphia and its surrounding neighborhoods, it’s common to see most streets littered with trash and things that hurt the ecosystem as a whole. Not only does it make the environment, but it also makes our city look bad. Tourists come from entirely different countries to see our city and its landmarks. It would be ashamed if they left with the idea that we don’t respect our own city enough to keep it clean.

We really look forward to helping the environment around us through our website. We want to spread awareness not just in our communities, but on a macro level since littering is a global problem. On our website users are going to be able to rent and register trash cans. Also, users can volunteer for community clean up days through our website.