- Engineering -





“Temperature & Humidity Device”


The Engineering group has been busy studying the basics of electrical wiring and programming. We started off observing and deciphering simple circuit diagrams, as well as learning the basic parts of a circuit. Objects such as a resistor, potentiometer and switch started to become second nature as we constructed circuits that would complete tasks like lighting up an LED, or spinning a motor.

Next, our group began learning about the Arduino microcontroller and the great potential it has. After researching the different components of an Arduino, everyone explored their development kits and learned about every part that was at their disposal. More interesting projects followed as we now have a large collection of parts to toy with, as well as the ability to implement code from their computers. Some projects that the group particularly enjoyed were creating an arrangement of blinking LEDs and making music with the use of a buzzer.

The next task was training in a program called Simulink which is a graphical development environment that deploys code in the form of blocks, making it much easier to conceptualize. Our team began to grasp some of the different blocks that we could deploy such as constant, gain, and display. We constructed some of the same circuits as before, however, we now programmed the devices using Simulink.

Finally, we are now working on our final project which is creating a device that can measure temperature and humidity. By using all of the skills that we have attained during the course of this program, the construction of the device is going smoothly. Furthermore, our team will explore the device and brainstorm possible uses of its potential. We look forward to presenting their device and the impact it could have in our communities in the final week of the program.