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Pennsyvania Ballet



“Assessing User Experience with the Pennsylvania Ballet”

Hello, we are the MIS Team. We have done activities from coding to visiting historical places and watching ballet performances. Earlier in the program, we worked on codecademy where interns were taught basic coding lessons and worked on various coding projects. To begin our main project, the interns created an outline detailing their expectations of the Pennsylvania Ballet and what their thoughts on ballet were. Visiting the Academy of Music was a great learning experience and a fascinating sight to see. A former Pennsylvania Ballet ballerina was generous enough to give us a tour of the opera house. He provided us with historical background and a full guest experience of the show. We were able to see what the stage would look like from all seating perspectives and we recorded our observations by taking photos and videos. After our visit, we began to watch three Pennsylvania Ballet performances on DVD, which were “Swan Lake”, “A Tribute to Jerome Robbins”, and “KFF”. Each one is an example of either a classic, contemporary, or a cutting edge performance. Visiting the Academy of Music gave us a genuine impression of what it would be like if we were watching the ballets live at the opera house. Once all of this was completed, we basically replicated the Design Challenge that we did in the very beginning of the program. We developed a variety of charts and graphs to organize our thoughts on the ballet’s advertising, program notes, actual performance, and post-performance. These notes and visuals will be a core part of creating our final project of mapping our user experience with the Pennsylvania Ballet. Our end goal is to innovate the Ballet’s programming and methods of communication and delivery to match today’s consumer needs and expectations.