- Media & Production Experiment With Virtual Reality -

Last week, Media & Production Interns experimented with a relatively new form of media with the Oculus Rift Prototype. The Oculus Rift Prototype is a head mounted display for immersive technology virtual reality. The virtual reality that interns experienced was integrated as part of various computer games provided by the new Digital Scholarship Center at Temple University.

image (13)

Youth is seeing what is displayed on the computer screen through the Oculus Rift headset.

The Interns were allowed to explore a variety of gaming options, which included a horror scenario, an adventure in space and a day sight-seeing through Tokyo. Although some were quite spooked with the technology, all of the Interns had very positive experience.


Media & Production Intern reflects on his experience:

After experimenting with the Oculus VR, interns were then introduced to a 3D scanning technology that directly relates to 3D printing–an additive manufacturing process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file.

image (16)

DSC employee showing students the function of the 3D scanner


The DSC’s 3D scanner was able to scan this small figurine of a women and convert it to a digital object that could be displayed on a computer screen. After editing the digital object on the computer and cleaning up unwanted components, someone could 3D print a duplicate figurine which would be made out of plastic.

image (15)

A figurine that was converted to a digital object through the 3D scanner


Written By: Sienna Vance

Photos & Video By: Sienna Vance