- Neuroscience Interns Take On the Franklin Institute -

Our 2015 Neuroscience group

Urban Apps + Maps youth embark on various field trips throughout our program to heighten design, computational and spatial thinking skills. Neuroscience Interns were exposed to the wonders of the Franklin Institute last week for a hands-on learning experience.

Here are some highlights from the trip:


Neuroscience Interns learn about the science behind how a segway functions from a Franklin Institute Employee


Neuroscience Interns observe a real live brain stem–mentors show youth the various parts of the organ.



Youth reads about how the brain is still a mystery to scientists and that there is much to still be learned about it.

image (19)

Interns witness what a real neuron looks like

image (9)

Intern learns about how the brain perceives different objects

image (21)

Intern tests her reaction time, and learns how it is connected to the brain

image (20)

Interns form a digital brain network using digital neurons

image (23)

Mentor views a 3D printed figure of how brain stems form networks

image (24)

Intern confuses her perception, by first reading off Column A, where the colors correspond with the words, and then reading off Column B, where the colors do not.

image (25)

Intern and Mentors vote on whether people should be allowed to erase their memory of a traumatic event in the future.

image (26)

Interns view different sizes of hearts from a variety of animals

image (28)

Interns take the journey through a much larger than life human heart and explore what really goes on in the inside

image (31)

Interns look at the process of surgery from a unique perspective

image (27)

Intern experiments with how the ground and water react to each other in a stream system simulation

image (30)

Mentor explains what happens during a black hole in outer space