- Li Bai -

Faculty at the Electrical & Computer Engineering, Temple University

Li Bai

Dr. Li Bai is an Associate Professor in ECE Department at Temple University. He is the director of Computer Fusion Laboratory (CFL). Also, he is one of the core funding members in Apps and Maps Design Studio. In the studio, Dr. Bai led an effort to develop a smart green house (http://templegreenhouse.wordpress.com/).

For research, Dr. Bai has extensive experience and expertise in software integration using commercial-off-the-shelf RFID products, wireless sensor network and computer network security. In one of his previous project, he developed hand held devices to interface with electronic payment devices – smartcards (a type of RFID sensors with monetary information). This project on development of an effective human computer interface on a small handheld device was successfully completed and implemented. Also, he has been involved several sponsored research projects using portable devices with 802.11 wireless communication protocols. In addition, his research in Zigbee devices has gained recognitions from the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) in effective communication in mobile Ad-Hoc networks. The key concept was developed from the ONR sponsored research project that addresses distributed intelligent and wireless sensor network and power management issue in low-power sensor network. Dr. Li Bai is also involved in a similar research under missile defense agency that uses sensor arrays to track targets in harsh shipboard environments. He has a good research record on tracking and information extraction of anomaly conditions.