- The Marshmallow Challenge -
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Day 2 of the Design Challenge kicked off on a fun note with a team building activity involving a tasty treat. Although no one got to eat the contents of this challenge, it certainly prepared the youth for the series of activities ahead.


Youth and mentor working together to build a structure out of spaghetti and and a marshmallow.

For this “marshmallow challenge”, youth worked together with their mentors to build a structure that could stand by itself using only spaghetti, string, tape and a marshmallow that had to be at the top of the structure. Dr. James Moustefellos called for a competition among the groups to see who could build theirs the tallest. Each group’s design had a unique thought process–none had one that was exactly the same as the other.

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marshmalloow 2

At the end of a twenty minute time frame, Dr. James Moustefellos measured each group’s structure and decided the winner. However, the goal of this project was not to brag about winning–it’s main purpose was to highlight the importance of team building skills and show how they are essential to the design process and the world of professionalism.

Dr. Moustefellos Measuring A Groups Structure

Dr. Moustefellos Measuring A Group’s Structure

marshmallow 1

The winning group with the tallest structure


Written By: Sienna Vance

Photos By: Sienna Vance & Sarah Heck